This template packs a punch.

But don't take my word for it. Here's what others have to say about the JPMG Project Pan Template for Google Sheets.


“Great Tool Jon! Has all of the essentials (and I’ve used MSP since the early 90’s). Particularly powerful as you use the built in Google Sheet features to comment and assign.”

“I’m working on a sheet for project management, and I thought I had done a good work until I saw your project plan template.”

“Hi Jonathan. Your template is amazing. It saved me to manage my project.”

“Thanks, Jonathan, and congratulations on a superb bit of scripting and some very clear user documentation/vids. I use Google Sheets for some fairly large ‘static’ tasks and always wondered what could be achieved if I learned how to automate parts of my workflow. So your work has provided useful validation of that idea and a brilliant practical example. I live in the UK and the recent work on dates has been ideally timed for me.”

“I was looking for weeks for a google spreadsheet project management tool – such good work Jonathan, thanks so much! I might have some questions down the road and I see you’re very responsive, which is absolutely amazing”

“Great alternative to MS Project without the monthly fees…….Thanks Jonathan!”

“This is a wonderful option for those who cannot afford Microsoft office or other expensive PM tools. This sheet does everything including gantt charts!”

“Perfect! Thanks, man! It was hard to find so cool solution!”

“You are a demi god mehn. Hats off. You saved me looooooads of time and stress.”

“so amazing!”

“This is an awesome work and easy to use than many others out there.”

“Awesome! Thank you!”

“Very cool use of Google Sheets! This is great.”

“Hi Jonathan, great spreadsheet and works amazingly.”